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          So many friends have been inquiring about my whereabouts and I appreciate all the concern. The good news is that the  Thai military curfew in Bangkok has been lifted and I've been free to open my women's clothing shop at the night markets several evenings a week. The response has been great and I'm rapidly getting rid of the inventory I built up over the past year by purchasing brand name dresses, accessories, shoes, jewelry etc. at bargain prices at the Selinsgrove and Williamsport malls  and then selling  them in Thailand where these goods are very difficult and expensive to acquire.
  The bad news is that I couldn't get a new plane reservation to New York from Bangkok  (after planning to return in July) until September 10.   So Karl and our Thai friend and Thai cook,  Golf Sawatahphit, (B.U. 2013)  will open our trailer for now in Lewisburg   By the time the Bucknell students are back, I'll be there to help with the preparation of our increasingly international menu.  I'll be  bringing fresh tamarind sauce for our Pad Thai and other sauces which I can only find in Thailand.  We are all  excited about returning to our food trailer business rather than the demanding and life-consuming routine of running a restaurant. We''ll be in different locations each week so we've included a "Location Of The Trailer" page on this website. Can't wait to return to Lewisburg and see all our friends and customers.    Chantana.

    Karl & Chantana in their surrey with a fringe on top

          About Us 
      When Karl and Chantana Purnell decided to open a mobile food trailer in Lewisburg several years ago, they both agreed that the some of the  proceeds would go to their favorite charities.   
       Chantana has been supporitng  a monastery in Thailand which takes care of children who have contracted AIDS from their parents.  Karl, has for the past 15 years been helping to sustain a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and school of Tibetan Medicine in the Himalayan area of Nepal. 
         Chantana was born and brought up in Bangkok and arrived in the U.S. for the first time five years ago.  Karl is from Mifflinburg and after a career as a journalist, war correspondent and adventure book writer, he has returned to Lewisburg where he first began his career as a newspaper editor and state legislator.  They live in Mifflinburg although Chantana spends several months a year in Bangkok running her women's apparel store in Rangsit with inventory she picks up at sales in the local shopping malls.  Both Karl and Chantana have a long-time interest in healthy, Asian  cooking and "usually" find working together in their food trailer a creative and challenging  endeavor. 


    July 2014