PictureStaying Warm In Our Kitchen
 What a Homecoming weekend.  So many friends and customers from past years made sure to stop by to say hello!  How interesting it was to hear how recent grads are making out in their career choices. Despite all the dire predictions,  people do leave Lewisburg with degrees that turn into jobs...maybe not the CEO of their company in the first year, but certainly building the necessary skills and knowledge for being eventual leaders. 
   A sudden cold spell hit Lewisburg around 4 p.m. and thanks to so many of you who waited in line to be served.  Two very cold  Bucknell girls suggested they wait in the kitchen of our food trailer where lots of heat was blowing off the gas range while I cooked.  "Of course, come on in," I said.  At left, they are warm and happy campers and reminiscent of the old song: "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah".  In this case it was with Chantana.  

PictureAuthentic Thai food or a swat from Auntie
     According to Monday’s  New York Times, a new robot to check the authenticity of  Thai food has been developed by the government of Thailand.  Yingluck Shinawatra, the former woman prime minister,  says there are too many restaurants around the world serving Thai  food that is bland and not  authentic. This $100,000 machine, to be deployed in embassies, will taste global Thai restaurant fare to determine whether it's real Thai food or something made up by  foreign (called “farang” in Thai)  chefs.

    I don’t need a robot to taste my Thai cooking. Here’s why.  I was brought up in Bangkok  by a strict aunt who taught me how to use ingredients like tamarind, basil, chili or fish sauce in the tradition of  Thai home cooking,. My cooking, by age ten, had to be “delicious”  and it had to be authentic or I would get a good swat  from the back of  auntie’s  hand during her angry fit at my cooking.

   So now when I’m cooking from our mobile trailer in Lewisbug,  a  tasting “app” or robot is'nt necessary.  The memory of  a sharp slap from   auntie comes back the moment I  deviate from authentic Thai cooking. It always works and it doesn’t cost ten grand.


PictureKarl conducting a horse & surrey tour
   Saturday afternoon was a busy time at  our Chantanthai food trailer. Karl arrived around two o'clock with his horse and surrey in order give rides to our customers. They  were having a good time at a "social gathering" until the local police broke up the party later in the afternoon apparently because of a violation of the new town ordinance regulating parties by Bucknell students.
   Before this, however, dozens of students enjoyed riding our restored antique surrey pulled by our faithful Mercedez. Karl has always had horses since he was a boy growing up in Mifflinburg and for him, the event not only allowed him to return to his childhood but also enjoy the company of our Bucknell customers with whom we both have  such a close affinity.  As a former newspaper editor in Lewisburg, Karl  knows a lot about the history of the town and the University which he includes in his historic tours.  He also plays music during these tours, such as "Surrey With A Fringe On Top" from the famous musical Oklahoma.  It was a pleasant interlude for lots of our  customers and we hope to do more of this during the coming year. Anyone wanting to book a tour for friends, families etc. give us a call.  

PicturePorta Pottie Brigade
Last weekend was a busy time in Lewisburg. It also had its unique  moments.  Aside from all the wonderful people who came by to welcome  me back to  the ChantanaThai food trailer, the Friday evening presence of Porta Pottie brigades of students carrying these modernized "outhouses" to various  locations for the next day's parties was a hilarious sight. A new borough ordinance requires all parties of more than 75 people to rent a Porta Pottie for their social gatherings. Students who planned parties for Saturday were consequently offloading these cumbersome contraptions from pick-up trucks and carrying them to their intended final location.  For better or for worse,heavy rains on Saturday forced many of the fraternities to swtich their gatherings to their offiial houses where modern plumbing is available. As the Frenh would say, "tant pis"....pun not intended.

PictureHe didn't murder me
In a  book by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl, an  angry  and jilted wife sets up an elaborate series of clues suggesting she has been murdered by her philandering  husband and then she disappears, leaving him to be a candidate for murder charges.   I won't tell you the ending  because the movie version is due out soon.

    A volatile political situation with two major revolutions in my country of Thailand during the past six months created problems I've written about in previous blogs. Now, I'm back in Lewisburg with my Thai food trailer and happy to be working again with so many friends. 

    I'll be at the trailer five days a week and have set up a delivery system for those who want anything from our menu brought to their dorm, fraternity/sorority, home or office. Just call and place the order and we'll have it to you usually within 20 minutes at the most. 

        In short, my husband, Karl,did not murder me and I'm not the permanently Gone Girl.   Glad to be back!  Chantana.